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Phosphate Rock Grade G10: The Choice for Lower-Grade Applications

When it comes to lower-grade phosphate rock solutions, KMKA Co. presents Phosphate Rock Grade G10, the ultimate choice for companies seeking reliable and high-performing options. With its exceptional attributes and outstanding performance, the G10 delivers unparalleled value for a wide range of applications.

The Quality of Phosphate Rock Grade G10

Phosphate Rock Grade G10 is specifically tailored to meet the needs of companies requiring lower-grade phosphate rock, offering a P2O5 purity ranging from 28.4% to 29.3%. With a BPL (Bone Phosphate of Lime) range of 62% to 64% and a moisture content ranging from 1% to 3%, G10 guarantees consistency and quality for your operations.

As a dried variant of our renowned G7 phosphate rock, Phosphate Rock Grade G10 takes the reliability and performance of its predecessor to new heights. Its low percentage of iron, ranging from 0.1% to 0.2%, ensures minimal interference and optimal efficiency in your processes.

The Specifications of Phosphate Rock Grade G10

At KMKA Co., we pride ourselves on sourcing sedimentary, high-quality phosphate rock that guarantees exceptional results. Phosphate Rock Grade G10 is no exception, embodying the finest sedimentary phosphate rock with its superior solubility. With a solubility of 35% to 40% in Citric Acid 2% and 55% to 65% in Formic Acid 2%, G10 is highly versatile and adaptable to various industrial applications.

Phosphate Rock Grade G10

Furthermore, Phosphate Rock Grade G10 boasts a low content of minor ingredients, ensuring that the focus remains on the primary elements essential for your operations. This purity and reliability make G10 the go-to choice for companies seeking lower-grade phosphate rock that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

Why Phosphate Rock Grade G10

Whether you require Phosphate Rock Grade G10 for agricultural, industrial, or other applications, you can rely on KMKA Co.‘s commitment to delivering top-notch products. We understand the unique demands of your industry and aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with a product that consistently delivers outstanding results.

Choose G10 Dried Phosphate Rock from KMKA Co. and experience the perfect balance of quality, reliability, and value. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and witness the transformative power of Phosphate Rock Grade G10 in your operations.