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We are pleased to inform you that we directly export raw Phosphate Rock sourced directly from the mines. The Mediterranean region serves as the primary origin of our high-quality Phosphate Rock.

The Mediterranean region boasts significant Phosphate Rock deposits, which have been formed through the accumulation of phosphate-rich materials over time. This area is renowned for its abundant and accessible phosphate resources, making it an ideal source for our Rock Phosphate.

By sourcing our Phosphate Rock from the Mediterranean, we ensure the quality and integrity of our product, as well as a reliable supply chain. Our direct access to these mines allows us to maintain strict quality control measures and deliver Phosphate Rock that meets the highest industry standards.

At KMKA Co., we take pride in offering you a dependable and sustainable source of Phosphate Rock from the Mediterranean region. We are committed to meeting your specific requirements and providing you with a product that excels in both quality and performance.

Choose KMKA Co. for your Phosphate Rock needs and experience the advantages of our Mediterranean-sourced phosphate rock.